Excluding or preventing the animals from gaining access to homes, buildings, trash storage etc from the beginning can prevent many problems later. Preventing access to vents, soffits, under buildings, under decks, pipes, chimneys, etc can eliminate the possibility of wildlife gaining access to unwanted areas.


Ranger Wildlife Control can inspect your home, buildings and/or property and provide you with recommendations on which areas should include exclusion work in order to keep wildlife out. We are fully qualified and experienced in installing vent guards, screening, mesh, chimney & flue caps and many other types of materials and products that will keep wildlife out. Preventing wildlife from entering in the first place can save on repairs and clean ups in the future.


Beaver Exclusion:


Although trapping is the most efficient and effective method of beaver control, we do offer methods of exclusion that utilises discouraging techniques to control the beaver. We can construct and install a number of different devices that limit water levels in beaver ponds and dams as well as various screens to prevent the damming and blocking of culverts. Although usually more expensive than trapping and removal, it is sometimes the preferred method for our customers. In locations where beaver problems arise repeatedly, it may be the best option.


What if they have already entered the premises?


We can help in this case too! Once they are trapped and removed or excluded, we can install any preventative measures need to seal the access. We can also provide clean up and repair any damage that may have been caused by the animal(s) entering and exiting the building, or, damage that may have been done while they were in the building. Ranger Wildlife Control has an experienced carpenter on staff ready to provide quality workmanship in any repair work you may require. We really are the complete Wildlife Control Services company.